Vision Warranty Corporation was founded because of a need in the industry for a new type of service contract provider. As an administrator and obligor, the goal of Vision is to create the most comprehensive coverage in the industry and couple that with superior customer service. In order to do this, Vision has done the following: Developed a fully insured program backed by a well known, large insurer; Developed a group of coverages that provide maximum protection for the customer; Brought in ASE certified claims personnel with industry knowledge; Trained customer service personnel whose main job is to help the customer, not just take as many calls as possible; And finally brought in best in the industry consultants to develop all aspects of the operation. Because of how Vision Warranty Corporation was developed, we feel as though we bring something new to the administration industry. Every member of the Vision team has experience in the automotive industry. Our team includes former mechanics, technicians, claims adjusters, and service writers. We have been on both sides of the claim process and understand how to work with customers and their chosen repair facility to make the claims process as smooth as possible.